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What if your favourite books contained product placement? (The Debrief)

Following in the footsteps of movies, books are now the latest section of the arts to fall into the product placement vortex, otherwise known as the place in which Brad … Continue reading

November 25, 2014 · Leave a comment

7 Reasons You Can’t Come (Cosmopolitan)

It’s a sad fact that female orgasms are way more complex than the average male’s ‘keep thrusting and something will happe… OH THERE I GO’ simplicity. Only 10% of the … Continue reading

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Can you have a period in space? And other things we secretly want to ask Yelena Serova

Yelena Serova is the first female cosmonaut in 17 years (?!) and has,quite rightly, criticised journalists for asking about how she’d be able to do her hair in zero gravity, … Continue reading

September 30, 2014 · 1 Comment

Why are we cool with girls living at home, but not guys? (The Debrief)

My 28 year-old boyfriend had to move in with his parents after getting evicted from his London flat and, because he’s self-employed and doesn’t know where the money’s coming from … Continue reading

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Vile housemate behaviour (ranked) (The Debrief)

Behind closed doors, we’re all pretty gross and immoral. So what happens when you live with loads of people? Well, you continue being gross and immoral and hope to fuck … Continue reading

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How to staycate when you can’t afford to jet off

Too broke to go abroad but need some time off work otherwise you’ll start sobbing into the franking machine? Opt for a staycation (where you take time off work to … Continue reading

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Why white wine can turn you into a mad person (The Debrief)

Ever drunk white wine and turned into a banshee/monster? No, me neither. But that’s mainly because I can’t remember doing it. After trying to temper my Sauv Blanc consumption thanks to … Continue reading

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