Stevie Martin

London based writer. Freelancer for hire (Published in Grazia, Vice, Elle, and others)

About Stevie

Picture: Anna Jay

Picture: Anna Jay

Freelance writer/performer living in London. Did not star in Cheaper By The Dozen 1 or 2. I write lifestyle features as well as comedy – am one third of sketch comedy group Massive Dad with whom I’m working on several TV development projects, and am taking a solo show to Edinburgh 2018 – I do The Debrief Podcast with Tessa Coates where we ask experts to help us get our shit together. And yours. Listen here.

Published in Elle, Vice, Shortlist, Stylist, Cosmopolitan, Healthy Magazine, Grazia, YOU magazine, heat, Closer, Emerald Street, FHM, Company Magazine, Broadly, The Debrief, Homemade, Huffington Post, The London Evening Standard, Weight Watchers Magazine, The Sabotage Times.

Have experience in copywriting for a variety of businesses, and have consulted on various social media projects and product launches. Social media editor experience too.

Follow me on Twitter, follow me on instagram, email me for commissions and if you want me to be the lead in a major Hollywood movie about wizards, I’d be really good at that.

Stevie Martin

Tweet me cool stuff: @5tevieM


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